Our history is intertwined with the history of technological innovation in Brazil. It is possible to notice that we were guided by the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Perseverance, and the Purpose of generating an Impact on the World. As the Investment Funds have 10-year cycles, our history is also counted in cycles.

The Grupo Instituto Inovação was established in 2002 to bridge the gap between science and business through entrepreneurship. Five technology-based companies were created through disruptive innovation at a time when terms such as “startups”, “innovation”, and “acceleration” were not yet part of the national discourse in Brazil. INSEED’s current investment philosophy is based on the knowledge, attitude and culture that was mostly obtained from this hands-on, and pioneering, entrepreneurship experiment.

The 1st cycle was scaled up through the Criatec Fund (Fundo Criatec), which invested in 36 technology-based companies in line with the expertise developed through the aforementioned entrepreneurship project. The fund was created by the BNDES, the Brazilian development bank, and is co-managed by INSEED Investimentos (a spin-off of Grupo Instituto Inovação). It has already invested R$100 million in innovation initiatives. During this cycle, new tools and procedures were developed for the areas of prospecting, acceleration, and divestment (INSEED is responsible for managing these areas within the Fund).

A further R$ 385 million were raised from the BNDES, pension funds, corporations, development agencies and private investors, in order to invest in Brazilian early stage innovation companies. Armed with a solid investment philosophy and concrete results, INSEED put together a robust team with employees based across the country to help proactively develop different innovation ecosystems. INSEED effectively employs the expertise obtained during its 15 years of activity and more than 50 investments made to boost performance and build wealth.


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